Full Production Lines


Where high volumes are required, complete production lines can be specified. These need to be tailored to the wall construction to be manufactured, in order to optimise the throughput. The equipment will include items for our standard range of machinery including:



A high quality heavy duty automatic squaring and nailing station for timber frame panel wall manufacturing. The panel is held square and secure during the assembly and nailing of the studs and components. The operator is able to manually position the components for the panel at a safe and comfortable working position in the centre of the panel, enabling the machine to be used with a single operator.


The position of the studs and sub components are determined by the automatic positioning of the locating arms, the panel being assembled in a step by step process. The positioning of the nail guns, the number of nails to be fired in each stud and the locating arms are all controlled by the on board CNC control unit.


All the necessary processing information for the machine is taken from the drawing software via our interface. This interface can be used to schedule the required panel manufacturing sequence by the production controller, eliminating any operator input. The panel drawing is constantly displayed on the screen whilst the assembly of the the panel is taking place, with the relevant component highlighted. Full control of the drawing, including zoom and pan functions are available.



Working station for the manual fixing of paper membrane, insulation and other cladding.